Since its foundation 41 years ago, the University of the Azores has played a fundamental role in education and research, thus contributing to professional qualification, economic growth, social improvement and intercultural awareness. Many foreign students choose to pursue their studies here, and become members of a young and enthusiastic academic community, internationally acknowledged in different fields of study.

We count on you to help us grow and take our name further away!

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    Our Residences are able to house up to 250 students in Ponta Delgada (São Miguel Island) and 90 in Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island). They are fully furnished and equipped, offering you comfort and safety at reasonable prices. Check in is open 24h/day.

  • FOOD

    Our canteens and cafeterias provide you snacks and quality meals (lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday) at a low price, including vegetarian options.

  • Libraries

    Our libraries, spread through the three campi, are modern and equipped in order to answer your needs. They offer you individual and group study rooms, free Wi-Fi and several international data bases. Our librarians will provide you all the help you need. You can also find study rooms, computer rooms, laboratories, and free Wi-Fi access across the three campi.

  • Medical Support

    We offer our students free medical appointments in General Practice, as well as, psychological assistance.

  • After Study

    After study, make the most of your free time. Join one of our nine student musical groups. Meet Grupo de Fados of the UAc, Tunídeos, Tuna com Elas, TAUA and Enf'In Tuna at Ponta Delgada, or TUSA, TAESEAH, Neptuna and Sons do Mar at Angra do Heroísmo. You are invited to participate in all cultural, recreational and sports activities organized by our Students Associations or to enjoy our sports facilities in Ponta Delgada and Angra do Heroísmo, and practice handball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton or tennis.


    You´ll find plenty of interesting things to do with your free time both inside or outside the campi. You may start by exploring the romantic garden in the University campus in Ponta Delgada. Don´t forget also to explore all the outdoor activities that our islands have to offer.

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Former Students' Experiences

Alba Marco Sola (Spain)

I think that to come here is the best decision I have ever made. It is a wondeful place to live and to study. You can find everything you want in this island. The people are always taking care of you and you can feel like home here. If you are thinking about doing your studies here, stop thinking and come here to live the best year of your life!

Roberto Urbani (Italy)

I had a good experience in the first semester. I enjoyed the warm weather, the green fields and the University campus. The residence was great as people who lived there, and I enjoyed staying with half portuguese and half foreign students. I had very good teachers, always available to help me, and good classmates. I spent good time riding in the island and hiking every weekend. I played in the football league of the University. I hope the 2nd semester will be as good as the 1st.

Maria Romero Cuesta (Spain)

My Erasmus experience was wonderful. People over here are very friendly and it was really nice to get to learn a new language while making new friends. Azores is an incredible place full of vegetation and marine life. I definitely recommend to anyone to come here for Erasmus!

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