The University of the Azores offers you several doctorate programs in different fields. Our doctorate programs guarantee excellent research conditions in articulation with our research centres.

Doctoral programs last six semesters, providing 180 ECTS credits. They include an original dissertation on a specific field of knowledge, as well as, in some cases, completing a set of courses focused on research skills and specific topics.

Students who approve in the final public exam, based on their dissertation, get a doctoral degree.


Find more about each Doctorate program here.

School of Agrarian & Environmental Sciences Campus of Angra do HeroísmoAgrarian Sciences2 535 €
Interdisciplinary Management of the Landscape3 020 €
School of Business & Economics Campus of Ponta DelgadaBusiness & Economics2 535 €
School of Sciences and Technology Campus of Ponta DelgadaBiology2 535 €
Marine Sciences2 535 €
Geology2 535 €
School of Social Sciences & Humanities Campus of Ponta DelgadaAtlantic islands: History, Patrimony and Institutional Legal Framework1 665 €
Insular Literatures & Cultures1 665€

Tuition may be paid up to 10 installments.


  Application fee is 70€ non-refundable.
  Enrollment fee is 30€ non-refundable.


For admission to a doctoral degree at the University of the Azores, you must fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a master degree or legal equivalent in the field required in the entrance conditions;
  • Hold a license/undergraduate degree and have an especially relevant academic or scientific curriculum;
  • Have an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that the University of the Azores acknowledges as proof of ability to complete the program.