Portugal is located in the extreme southwest of Europe, bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a continental territory and two archipelagos: Madeira and Azores. Portugal’s total area is of 92.000 Km2 and there are around 10 million inhabitants. Lisbon is the capital and Portuguese is the official language.

Mainland Portugal is blessed with both an Atlantic and Mediterranean climate, providing mild year-round weather (usually between 10º C in winter and 30º C in summer). Portuguese enjoy good food and wine. Cheese, olives, cornbread, smoked ham, vegetable soup and fresh fish and meat smell great at a Portuguese table; traditional pastry and rich desserts make the wonders of locals and visitors.

Living in Portugal is safe and less expensive than in most other Western & Northern European countries. Rents, food, primary goods, and entertainment are reasonably cheap.

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