If you wish to study at the University of the Azores (UAc) for a semester or a year and you are not eligible for a specific mobility program, you may come as a Free Mover student.

At the UAc you may build up your own study plan choosing the subjects that better suit your academic program and learning goals.

As a Free Mover student you will have access to all services and support provided by the UAc.


To apply for Free Mover you must have completed at least two semesters at your University.

In addition, your University should have a partnership agreement with the UAc. If it doesn’t you may suggest signing up one. Find that out at your University’s International Relations /Study abroad Office or send us an email.

To make sure you get all the credits you need, you must have a learning agreement approved both by UAc and your University.

Classes are taught in Portuguese at the UAc. Therefore, you must have a minimum A2 level of Portuguese or Spanish and, once here, you must undertake a Portuguese Foreign Language (PFL) course.


As a Free Mover student you must pay tuition at the UAc. It depends on the courses and number of credits you wish to enroll in:

Graduate/License degrees30€ (1 ECTS)
Master degrees60€ (1 ECTS)
Doctorates100€ (1 ECTS)

You are also required to pay a registration fee (20€) or exam and certificate fees.


To apply to a Free Mover mobility at the UAc you must apply here.

Register at the platform and choose the option “Mobilidade/ Mobility” on the menu to find the right form.

Application deadlines are:

  1. For 1st semester or a year: from May 1 to June 30
  2. For 2nd semester: October 1 to November 30

Upload the following documents in your application form:

  1. Motivation Letter
  2. Copy of ID Card (passport only for non-European students)
  3. Copy of European Health Card (for European students)
  4. Proof of appropriate insurance (for non-European students)
  5. 1 photo
  6. Learning Agreement (signed both by you and the head of mobility at your University)