The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented phenomenon for us all and the constantly evolving situation presents us new daily challenges.

The University of the Azores has managed to handle the situations. Mobility processes for the 1st semester went well, and the 2nd semester of 2020-2021 is already planned. Measures will put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep all members of our academic community safe, following health authorities’ recommendations.

Since the pandemic situation in the Azores archipelago has improved in the last weeks, and considering that our situation is more favorable than in Portugal (mainland), our classes will be provided in a face-to-face teaching modality, taking in consideration all the safety measures established by our local and national authorities. Nevertheless, we may combine it with the on-line modality only for some courses whose professors have a health risk condition.

Consequently, in order to accomplish the Incoming mobilities students must physically arrive at the University of the Azores, according to the academic calendar or traineeship calendar (for SMT mobilities).

Depending on how the pandemic evolves, the University of the Azores may be forced to change the teaching methodology, however, if changes occurs, students will be notified, and those changes will be only in force during the necessary time.

The Azores have not been much affected by Coronavirus, and we wish to keep it this way for everybody’s safety. So, when preparing the trip, students should take notice that:

  • Travelling to the Azores is now much more restricted. Please note that upon arrival to Ponta Delgada (São Miguel island) or Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira island) airports, students must follow the measures established by the Regional Government of the Azores. We strongly recommend students to read carefully the instructions here;
  • Due to the Covid-19, our student residences will only offer single rooms, thus reducing occupation to 50%. Therefore, we recommend students start searching for alternative accommodation. There are plenty affordable options close to campus now that tourism has greatly decreased. Students may find additional information on this and much more in our Student´s Handbook;
  • The University of the Azores has a Covid-19 Contigency plan, which last version (dated September 1st) states that, before coming to the University Campus, all students coming from outside (other Azorean islands, the Mainland or abroad) will have to get a permission, therefore, it´s required to inform the travel itinerary in advance.

You may also read the Disembarkment information and procedures available at the Regional Government of the Azores’ website.

The situation is quite dynamic, and rules may change in the next months. We will keep students informed. Even situations like this present great opportunities to learn and live exciting adventures. If case of any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us (

Re-open EU

The European Commission launched in June 2020 the “Re-Open EU” website, which provides a set of information necessary for you to safely plan your work/study/vacation trips in the European Union. It is also available in an App that you can download to your mobile phone. The application provides information about borders (in which countries they are open, in which countries they are closed and which airports it’s possible to land), public health guidelines in each country, measures for public transport, reopening of cafes, restaurants, bars , beaches and monuments and informs if gatherings are allowed or not, and if so, how many people.
The information is available in 24 languages and is constantly updated